Michelle + Kenny A Laurel, MD Wedding

Well, my brother-in-law, Kenny got married this past Saturday to a great girl named Michelle in Laurel, MD.  I have to say, it was a little weird.  I’ve known Kenny since he was this twelve year old kid, who chaperoned my wife and I during the first 8 months we dated.  :)  Since then, I am proud and honored that Kenny has become one of my brothers, and nothing less.  He has grown to be one of the kindest men I know.  We have gone through some rough times together.  From his best friend and cousin unexpectedly passing away, to his dad suffering a major aneurysm, and then two years later, a major heart attack.  These past 12 years have been torn between tragedy and  miracles.  All of these situations have made Ken the man he is today, and the great husband and father I know he will be.

As I photographed Ken dancing with his mom, I couldn’t help but think back 5 years ago to those days we were all in the hospital after his dad’s aneurysm.  Kenny was such a great son to his mom, and really helped get her through one of the scariest times of her life.  He was her rock, and for the long months of recovery he was there for his parents, even taking a semester or two off from school to help them.  Now, four years and 11 months later, his dad sang at his wedding, and he was dancing with his mom.

I have never seen Kenny happier than he was on Saturday.  That might sound cliche, but it’s true, he was beaming.  Kenny is a hopeless romantic; to the point I used to tease him by calling him a woman.  :)  He has a huge heart, and I know he is going to worship the ground Michelle walks on for the rest of their lives.  She could not of found a better guy, and I know Ken has found a wonderful woman.

So, to Kenny and Michelle.  I know you are still on your honeymoon, but if you happen to read this, take this little bit of wisdom that I was given on my wedding day.  This time, especially this week, is going to be over before you know it.  Soak in this time.  Just stop what you are doing, look around, and breathe it in.  These next few days, weeks, and months as you are newly married are going to be some of the greatest of your lives, you will never be as free as you are right now ever again.  Take it all in, and remember every moment.  These moments can and will get you through the rough spots ahead.  Take advantage of your freedom and be spontaneous.  Before you know it, another kind of joy will enter your lives full of poop and giggles, and though there is greater joy there is less freedom.  So, just enjoy each other, live in the moment, and never rush through this time.

Okay, now for some of Kenny and Michelle’s wedding photos!

My beautiful daughter.  :)

My very cute little boy.  :)

This is Ken’s dad, and my father-in-law.  He is evidence miracles can and do happen.

Congrats again, Michelle and Kenny!  For more photos check out our Facebook page, and while your there, become a fan!  :)

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